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Cleaning the Venturi



  • Azdoubleeagle

    I have inspected and cleaned the Venturi and drain line, but there was no blockage of any kind.  During a forced recharge I made sure the everything was working as it should, but I still have water in the tank.  When I first set this system up, I contacted you about the discoloration of the water and salt in the tank.  You suggested that I flush it again with chlorine which I should not have to keep doing this.  That discoloration has returned.  There is a prefilter in the system which is brand new.  Has something within the filter fractured.  The water pressure here is with norms. I still do not have soft water.  This unit is only 3 months old.

  • Customer Service

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment regarding the troubleshooting you've performed so far. We are creating a new ticket for this issue, and you can expect an agent to be in contact with you soon! 


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