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Suction at the Venturi



  • Customer Service

    Clint, thank you for your comment and information. We have created a ticket to follow-up and resolve your situation. 

  • Clint Broadus

    New unit installed last night. I Followed instructional videos and paper manual thoroughly. I manually did a recharge then less than an hour later (programming set up for 2:00AM this is 9:45 PM) the unit does another recharge. This time the drain (not the overflow) consistently has a full steady stream of water coming out the entire duration of the recharge. Thankfully I was there and picked up the drain and used a bucket to get the excessive water out of the house as it was overwhelming my floor drain with the water flow. Instead of using bleach I used Rheem brand softener cleaner in the brine tank as part of the installation. Could this have caused this to happen? Or do I have a motorized valve stuck some place? Water hardness set to 15 GPG maybe my water is extra hard and it’s trying to compensate? Please help.


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