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New Home with Existing Softener



  • Debbie bernard

    I had a new home built 6 months ago and first thing got a Rheem water softner at my local Home Depot ..The water is NOT soft.  The salt is currently on 4 and its set to regenerate at 2 am ...the plumber had it set to 17 we bumped that up to 30 then again on 50. the water is hard. I can see the deposits around my faucets in a brand new home..I don't know what to do but this is not working here..and the salt is NOT bridged we checked that all the way to the bottom..wealso have iron in the water as I can see iron stains on my white laundry..  Now isn't the water softner suppose to soften the water and yes it was installed by a licensed plumber.

  • Customer Service

    Hi Debby. We've created a ticket for you and a member of our team will be reaching out to help if this has not been solved yet. Thank you for reaching out!


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